Your Second Biggest Investment

Carnauba wax naturally repels water and provides UV protection to protect your vehicle’s surface while providing a softness and shine like nothing else. It is no joke when it comes to protecting your assets and as we all know our homes are the most expensive investment that most of us make in our lifetimes. The way to do this depends on a lot of variables and covers insurances of both property and inclusions, protection from fire and theft and general upkeep of the dwelling all come into play when evaluating the extent to which we will pursue protective measures against our liabilities.

Perhaps the second biggest investment many of us will make, is the family car. This is usually second on the scale of expensive items that people purchase and consequently need to protect, if they are wanting to keep their asset alive and well. If any anytime cash is required, a fully owned and well maintained motor vehicle will be something you can turn into cash fairly quickly.

Although, the state of the market for second hand cars does weigh on exactly what sort of return on your investment you may be able to realise. Another important aspect of liquidation of an asset such as a sports car, has to do with the condition that the motor  vehicle is in. Cars that have been left out in the weather under harsh direct sunlight and stormy conditions, are going to fetch a small return, when compared with a car that has been “babied” or “pampered” and kept in concourse condition and have maintained a superior shine.

Just like a house requires maintenance of the exterior painted surfaces, cars require upkeep as well, in order to maintain that showroom shine. For those who are car enthusiasts, this task is not really a trouble at all. The very idea of ducking out to the garage to spend some quality time with your pride and joy is really a sheer delight. Some of the products available to help people to keep their cars in tip top condition, such as nano paint protection and quartz based polishes, add “next level” abilities for the average hobbyist, when compared to your professional car detailers.

Unfortunately too many folks treat their cars as transport from A – to – B. They rarely get around to washing and polishing their vehicles and really find it a total burden maintaining their cars. This can be multiplied if the family has more than one car. Maintenance around the home can be another task that takes your focus and prevents you from paying the necessary attention that your car really does require, if you are going to the best return on your investment.

So don’t think for a moment you are wasting your time, keeping your family car, people mover, sports car, second transport or daily commuter in tip top shape. It will pay dividends in the end, especially if you need to sell it fast for that extra bedroom and the new addition to the family. This is something I had to do for my pride and joy – my BMW Motorsport 3 series – when I was about to grow our family from two of us to three. Over the years, as we grew – the house did get the better of my motoring passion in the priorities department, but now that the kids are older and half of them out in the big wide wonderful world, I do have a little more time and money on my hands and this will definitely help with the renewal of my motoring passions. My latest pride and joy – VW Tiguan top of the range all wheel drive – best car I think I have ever had.