What Businesses Love About Outdoor Signage In Ten Points

Is your business considering investing in some outdoor signage? One example of an outdoor signage is what vehicle signage Sydney had been doing. If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Below are some of the most common reasons why plenty of businesses choose to utilize outdoor signs, and why it’s been a favorite method of advertising throughout the years.

  • 1. Outdoor signage can be very versatile: So versatile, in fact, that many different types of businesses can use them. They make great displays for menus on the outside of a restaurant, enticing passersby to check them out and then come inside to experience the full meal. Retail stores like outdoor signage for advertising specials and clearance sales, letting customers know in an attractive way what’s happening inside the establishment. They’re a common sight outside a movie theatre, lining the outside with illuminated frames filled with the posters of the upcoming attractions. The lamppost mounted banners and flags can often be found lining the main streets of cities and towns, announcing honors the town has won or upcoming events in the surrounding areas. Outdoor shows and events could take advantage of the large, free-standing flags, indicating where the entrance to the parking area is or where the main stage is located. In the run-up to Election Day we’ll start to see the ground stake signs everywhere, without a doubt.
  • 2. There are lots of different styles of outdoor signage available: Each style is very distinctive, allowing each sign to be used in a different location. A-frames, Springer bases, or fillable base signs are often known as pavement or sidewalk signs and can be found there, staying sturdy even in crowds of pedestrians. Businesses can also take advantage of real estate style signs for lawns and sod, free-standing pedestal style signs, hanging banners and flags with poles, brackets, or a ground base. For a more traditional look choose wall mounted frames that are designed specifically for outdoor usage, some of which feature fluorescent lighting to keep your signs illuminated even in the middle of the night.
  • 3. They allow you to choose the material that fits your needs best: Some outdoor settings require a different type of material than others do, so there are signs out there to cater to every signage need. Some of the materials that these signs are created from are: polyethylene, polystyrene, powder coated steels, iron, plastic, anodized aluminum, glossy wood substrates, Coroplast, vinyl, and others.
  • 4. Outdoor signage can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes: Outdoor signs are designed to be seen quickly, so they are often larger than a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. That doesn’t mean that there’s not a variety of signage sizes to choose from. Some of the pavement signage ranges anywhere from 18″ x 24″ all the way to 48″ x 36″. There are feather-style banner flags that measure over 10 feet tall, providing a profile that’s nearly impossible for anyone to miss!
  • 5. Speaking of being impossible to miss…: Outdoor signage should be seen clearly, and seen quickly as well. Since these signs are on the larger side, they’re a lot easier to notice. The size of the sign holder combined with a strategic location will help increase the impact of the signs. Both pedestrians and drivers can notice a pavement sign if it’s placed by the curb in front of a store, attracting their attention. Illuminated outdoor signage is great for stores that are open late, letting everyone see that your business operates well into the night hours. And it’s very hard for anyone in the vicinity to miss a giant banner saying “OPEN” in large, friendly letters.
  • 6. As the name implies, they’re weather resistant: While there are varying degrees of waterproofing available, in general these styles of signs are designed to stand up to bad weather. The different varieties have a number of features that are ideal for keeping water away from your installed graphics. The locking aluminum frames with rubber gaskets seal up to keep water out and can stay outside for however long you need them to. If you’re in a windy area invest in sidewalk or pavement signs with fillable bases and springs supporting the sign frame. These are designed to bend rather than break with heavy winds. If you only plan on keeping your sign outside in good weather, there are some more delicate models that can keep an image safe from water, but should be taken inside during particularly bad conditions.
  • 7. Simplicity: What’s the point of having a sign if it’s too complicated to operate? Many business look for outdoor signs that have features such as snap frames or swinging doors, which allow for posters and graphics to be quickly changed out with minimal fuss. Letterboards and whiteboards are equally easy – just write or spell out your message and you’re ready to start using your retail signage.
  • 8. Security: Because sometimes things you can’t predict happen. So why take a chance that something will happen to your business investment? Look for models that have built-in security features to keep your signage protected. Deluxe flag brackets that display on poles need specific hardware to install and uninstall them, helping to ensure that they’ll stay precisely where you set them up. Some A-frames and wall mounted displays have locking mechanisms built into the casing, allowing you to lock your images in.
  • 9. These signs are constantly working: Many of these signs, especially the water and weather resistant models, are designed to be used constantly. Leave them on display twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to keep a business presence in the awareness of your customers. Even if it’s after your normal hours your sign will be there working, helping to bring customers back the next day when the store’s open once more.
  • 10. They are affordable: Outdoor signage can be found in prices that span a wide range of prices. There are the incredibly cheap models, such as the stands real estate signage or temporary political campaign signage. These stands are ideal if you already own the signs you’re intending to put up, and just require the supports. Some of the larger, more substantial signs will price out a bit higher in the range, however it’s not hard to find both economy models and higher end deluxe models with almost every security feature and weatherproofing imaginable.

Luckily, your business has plenty of options to choose from for outdoor signage. One last great thing is that there are plenty of places online where you can get more information about specific products and prices. So if you’re interested in outdoor signage, start researching to find your perfect display!

Outdoor signs have many features and attributes that make them attractive to business owners everywhere. These are just ten of the many reasons why they’ve become such a popular method of promotion for many different stores.

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