The Power of Corporate Video Productions to Promote Your Business

A corporate family days shows you are more than staff, you are a team, you are friends, you are family. In today’s competitive business environment, just telling customers about your products and services is not enough. Your customers want to see your products and services in action. Unlike other marketing strategies, corporate videos have the capability to engage customers and ignite emotions. Further corporate videos let you showcase your products, services, and introduce your team to directly impact audiences.

Beyond engagement here are four more reasons why you should use corporate videos as part of your marketing and communications activities to promote your business.

1. Showcase Your Company

If a picture can speak 1000 words, imagine how much a 3-5-minute video can tell about your business. Corporate videos are useful in showcasing your business, products, and services. Corporate video provides an opportunity to introduce your team and guide your target market’s perception of your brand. In fact, a well-produced corporate video is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that can tell your story in the most effective and attractive way.

In fact, it is often easier for a website visitor to learn about your business through a corporate video rather than reading blocks of text and having to visualize your capabilities for themsleves.

2. Reach More Customers

Every business wants to expand their customer base. A corporate video can be easily uploaded to your website, landing page, YouTube account and also published to your social media channels. Further, a link to your corporate video can be included in your email signature.

Of course, to tell different stories and connect with various audiences you can create different types of corporate videos like explainer video, product or service overview video, presentation video, and testimonial videos. Depending on the format of the particular corporate video you might share it through a particular social media channel, via a targeted website, or on the corporate website. By sharing video through a number of different platforms you’re likely to engage a broader audience and drive traffic for your business.

3. Mobile Friendly

According to Zenith research findings, Internet usage on mobile devices has increased rapidly and by 2018 it is expected to reach 79%. Thinking about using the internet on a mobile device, again video is advantageous and much easier for consumption than blocks of text on small screens. So, whether your audiences find you on a social media channel or on your website while on the go – your video will be able to communicate and share your marketing propositions no matter where they find you or on what device.

4. Build Trust

Business success is dependent on positive relationships. For most people “seeing is believing” and seeing builds trust. Businesses can build trust by sharing insights, tips, and information that can really affect your customer’s daily life.

Specifically, corporate video allows an organization to build trust by providing a platform to introduce team leaders. A corporate video allows the organization the opportunity to tell it’s story with key players who may not typically be available during the sales process.

According to Tubular insights, 93% of businesses are already using video content marketing to promote your business. So, what are you waiting for? Start today!

Have you used corporate video in a creative way? Or have additional benefits for integrating corporate video into your marketing activities? Feel free to comment.