The Dunloe – Luxury in The Land of Leprechauns and Clovers

I was intrigue with the boutique accommodation Sydney because they have a fast wifi. So what would you expect when you are thinking of luxury hotels in Ireland? Now this expectation is way different than a city like Paris or Genoa. However, Ireland has made its own position in the ranking of European luxury hotels. One such luxury hotel in the country is The Dunloe. The name of the hotel explains its Irish heritage

So let us first take a look at the hotel’s rooms and suites. The hotel presents you with a two types of rooms. These are the Garden Rooms and Superior Rooms. If you are a nature lover and admire Ireland’s natural beauty, then you should go for the Garden Rooms. On the other hand, if you want a luxurious experience then you should go for the Superior Rooms. The hotel also has suites which would fit exactly into the worldwide standards of luxury.

Now let us come to the part that you have been waiting so eagerly- Dining. We agree that Ireland is not an exotic location as such. But we all must agree that it has its own cuisine and culinary culture. The Dunloe provides you with traditional Irish food, something that doesn’t really make up in the list of ‘exotic foods’. However you should try out the traditional Irish cuisine. We guarantee that you will know what European quality and tradition tastes like.

The restaurants in Dunloe are not only renowned for their food. You will also be able appreciate the beauty of traditional Irish tunes.

If you think you had enough of luxury and want something more, then you should try out the activities. The hotel organizes the same for their excited and charged up guests. They have a range of activities right from swimming to horse riding as well as boating and fishing in the fresh water lakes. You can also enjoy the traditional Irish therapies for relaxation. If you are travelling with your kids, you can also enjoy a variety of activities designed with them in mind.

The best part of this entire journey is the great combination of luxury and outdoor activities. Add to this, delicious cuisine and beautiful music and you have a winner on your hands. So, make the most of Ireland by staying in the Dunloe.