The Art and Craft of Creating a Pair of Danner Boots

UGG boots for women Wilde accented with leather straps and metal buckles, it adds rocker-style edge to any outfit. Have you ever wondered what goes into making a pair of boots by Danner? Well, today I will go through and talk about the process of creating a quality, handcrafted pair of boots from start to finish. Danner has been making boots and footwear since 1932, the year they were founded by Charles Danner in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Danner has come a long way from their humble beginnings, but they still adhere to the very same high standards of quality and craftsmanship set in place by their founder. Today, Danner is based in Portland, Oregon; where they continue to design and create some of the best boots and footwear on the market. Not all of Danner’s boots are made in their Portland factory; however, the boots made there are created and crafted almost all by hand. From the beginning to the end, over 100 hands will touch and contribute to the making of a single pair of boots.

Every process starts with an idea and a concept; this is where the art form comes in when making a pair of boots. Danner’s designers spend hours and hours drafting and coming up with the perfect idea and concept for a boot. They will then putt pen to paper to give the craftsmen a blueprint to follow. The very first step in the crafting of a pair of boots starts with the grading and cutting of the leather that will be used. Danner’s craftsmen will grade and test 100% of the leather used by hand; there is no automation or machine that will do this. Next, the hide of leather is graded on a scale of 1-5, letting the cutters know what they can use from each hide. The craftsmen will then put the hide through at least six tests that measure the temper, thickness, flexibility, durability, finish and appearance of the leather. Next, the leather will go to the cutters; another step that is completely done by hand. Because different parts of the hide each have their own purpose, the craftsmen will assess every hide and see if it has any flaws. It it does, they will cut around it and use the best parts.

After cutting the hide into various parts, the boot will start to be put together piece by piece. Almost all of the boot will be stitched by hand, a great deal of it by eye. Another important aspect of this entire process is that Danner puts hinges in their boot lasts. The reason for this is to allow the boots to be easily removed from the last without damaging the liner and shape of the boot. Both the hand-stitching and the use of hinged lasts are pretty unique to Danner; most companies do not use such practices, instead relying on automation and machines to do the job. Danner takes their time when making a pair of boots. They don’t rush the process and they don’t cut any corners.

Danner has a very good reputation for partnering with companies on the forefront of their fields; using the best technology and materials these companies offer and putting it into their boots. Components such as Gore-Tex waterproof liners and Vibram outsoles are incorporated into the boots, along with Danner’s own technology and materials. Danner has worked with Gore-Tex since the 1970’s on making waterproof and breathable liners for their boots. These liners have only one seam; ensuring complete protection from the elements. Their collaboration with and use of Vibram outsoles is also worth talking about. The Vibram outsoles used in Danner’s boots are made with vulcanized rubber in a multi-step process that is also done by hand. The end result is an outsole that is both highly durable and supportive. Vibram is another great company that has very high standards and makes great products.

The last thing I want to talk about is re-crafting. As you may or may not know, Danner offers a re-crafting service for many of their boots. This process means you can take an old pair of boots and almost completely renew and update them. It is a great service and only available for boots that can be re-crafted; pretty much the boots that utilize stitch-down construction and are done by hand. I have taken advantage of this service myself and have sent an old pair of beat up Danner boots to their Portland facility. What I got in return was an almost new pair of boots that looked and felt even better than before.

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