Sperm Donation

Donate money in fact a good gesture of sharing your blessings. It is an unfortunate but true fact that many people today have trouble becoming pregnant, and they must use the assistance of a sperm donor to accomplish their goal of becoming parents. In some cases, the couple is unable to conceive due to male fertility issues, and they want to conceive a child that is biologically related to them through the mother. In other cases, a lesbian couple would like to conceive a biological child, and they need to find a convenient way to obtain sperm for fertilization purposes. With a sperm donor, you will use sperm from an unknown individual to impregnate the mother. The child will therefore be biologically related to the mother who carries the child.

Information You Will Be Provided About the Sperm Donor

When you visit a sperm bank to inquire about a sperm donation, you may be surprised by how detailed your selection of donors is. One of the primary criteria that you will need to determine before purchasing sperm is the nationality or ethnicity of the baby. This is often important to couples because they want to child to resemble them in some way, and race or ethnicity are critical factors in this.

You may also obtain other information about the physical characteristics of the sperm donor. This may include height, weight, overall build, eye color, hair color and other factors. Generally, you will not be provided with a picture of the donor, but you will have the ability to choose the physical characteristics of the donor. This is not a guarantee of what the child may look like, however. After all, both the mother’s and the father’s genes will play a role in the baby’s genetic make-up.

More Detailed Donor Information

With many sperm banks, you are also provided with even more information about the donor. For example, you may learn about his IQ, where he went to school, where his family is from, what his profession is and other factors. For some couples, this information is not important. However, if it is important to you and your partner, you may need to find a sperm bank that provides you with as much detailed information about the donor as possible.

While fertility issues and other types of complications can impact a couple’s ability to conceive a child that is biologically linked to both of them, the fact is that a sperm donor provides the couple with the ability to conceive a child that is linked biologically to the mother. There are sperm banks located in many areas across the country, and you can research the options today before setting up a consultation.

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