How To Make More Impact With Your Business Signs

Your company vehicle signage Sydney are one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available. Have you ever been to a business whose signage is so impressive, so stylish, that your concept of the company’s professionalism or importance is changed for the better? A sign that represents the business, their brand and their philisophy all in one? This is the magic of great design.

Whether it is your reception area, shop front, window or vehicle graphics, or business signage, they make a profound impression. A great sign can make the difference to the value of the contracts you win, and the clients who choose to entrust you with their business. Your signage sets the tone for any interaction and makes the statement for your business.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are raised letters, that literally make your sign stand out – with this type of signage the business name is raised from the base of the sign or the wall. It makes your signs “pop”. They are best suited to large signs, or outdoor signs. However smaller dimensional letters can also be used for inside signs, including reception signage.

Typically, dimensional letters can be made of full line of cast metal letters, flat plastic letters, formed plastic letters and Minnesota letters. The end goal is to represnt your business and your brand in a sign that is also a piece of art.


For maximum exposure, there is no better form of signage than a lightbox. Literally light up your business and generate immediate attention. Illuminated signs create an upmarket, professional image that wins instant respect for your business.

Lightboxes can be applied under-awning or fixed to a wall. Neon and fabricated letters are also ways to brighten up your shop. We can manufacture to suit external or internal usage. If you have an existing lightbox we can renovate it with your new logos or branding style.

Metal Signs

Engraved metal signs are discreet, elegant and last for many years, even in full weather. Common usages are metal door plaques for professional establishments. They are often used for memorial and commemorative plaques, when buildings are opened, public works completed, and similar historic purposes. Engraved metal is also often used for funeral plaques.

Artwork can be simple or complex. Logos and other images can be incorporated into the design of your metal plaque. Different finishes are available and colour can be applied.

When choosing the best sign for your business, make sure you consider where the sign will be displayed, how big it should be and what it’s purpose should be. In the end it should achieve its goal and at the same time represent your business and branding as best possible.