HK Film Archive launches “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” Exhibition

The “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” exhibition, organised by the Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held from today (July 22) to October 23 at the Exhibition Hall of the HKFA. It enables audiences to have a glimpse of the filmmaking process from concept development to visualisation. storyboard artist for hire take scripts of any format and translates them into visual snapshots that all artists can understand.

A storyboard is the visualisation of a screenplay, and it enables effective communication among the director, the action choreographer and other departments such as cinematography, computer special effects and art. It can be taken as the blueprint for film shooting. Hong Kong cinema has always been famous for its action scenes. Whether these involve kung fu, wuxia, car chases, gun fights or explosions, the advancements have been ever-changing in delivering intriguing stunt sequences. As the choreography of such action scenes and visual effects has become more intricate, storyboarding has thus become an essential step.

The exhibition showcases over 130 sheets of storyboards and concept illustrations, chosen out of numerous Hong Kong films from the 1970s to present, including “The System” (1979), “Aces Go Places III – Our Man from Bond Street” (1984), “The Legend of Wisely” (1987), “A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation” (1997), “The Legend of Zu” (2001), “Initial D” (2005), “Bodyguards and Assassins” (2009), “Triple Tap” (2010), “All’s Well, End’s Well 2012” (2012), “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” (2013) and “Helios” (2015). Film footage as well as videos of interviews with storyboard artists, directors, cinematographers and action choreographers will also be shown, giving visitors a closer look at the functions of storyboarding in local filmmaking, and its evolution throughout the years of development in film technology.

In addition, two seminars in Cantonese will be held by the HKFA. The first, entitled “On Pioneering Experience – Cinematic Storyboards in the 80s”, will be held at 3pm on July 30 at the HKFA Exhibition Hall with Hong Kong pioneering storyboard artist and production designer David Chan as the speaker. He will discuss the role of storyboards in the old days of Hong Kong cinema. Another seminar, entitled “Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema – A Panorama”, will be held at 3pm on September 25 at the HKFA Cinema. Active storyboard artists Elphonso Lam, Luk Wai-cheong and Chung Kai-kit will share their working experience and insights in the profession.

Admission to the exhibition and seminars is free. For details, please visit the website at or call 2739 2139.