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Keep Cars Fresh and Comfortable Inside and Out

Some car owners would no more let their cars go dirty than they would skip their shower. They take pride in always giving their ride the attention they feel it deserves. The professionals @ the Car Wash know that the right kind of clean can do a lot more than make a good first impression. That’s why they offer the variety of car wash, detailing, and restoration services that get rid of the dirt inside and outside of your car. The car wash products from are extraordinary compares to other wide variety of products in the market.

Car Wash

Vehicles are exposed to all types of dust, dirt, and other substances. Just parking a car under a tree can lead to sticky sap or bird droppings. Either can become toxic and cause discoloration or damage the paint. There’s no way to predict when a car will be exposed to toxins that need to be removed right away. That’s why the car wash bay is available 24/7 @ the Car Wash. The Soft Touch, automatic car wash provides a powerful blast that gets cars clean.

When a vehicle is covered with dust or dirt from being in extreme conditions such as harsh weather or traveling on a dusty road, it needs more attention to detail to thoroughly remove the dirt. @ the Car Wash offers a choice of wash packages that includes their Premium Wash with a pre-soak, under carriage pre-rinse, tire and wheel cleaner, four-pass wash, spot-free water rinse, clear coat protectant and 45 HP air-dry.

Car Detailing

Car detailing services take vehicle cleaning to the next level. The exterior is hand washed and dried, tires and rims cleaned, and car wax applied. Car owners can also choose to have Sealtek paint sealant applied to their car for long-term protection.

The interior portion of the detailing service extends to out-of-the-way places like door jambs, mirrors, dash, console, and vents where dirt can hide and contribute to odors. Depending on the vehicle, @ the Car Wash can add leather conditioning or fabric protectant to safeguard against future accidents.


Restoration services are for vehicles that have already been damaged or diminished from dirt and grime. Old decals that leave a sticky residue, cloudy headlights, a grimy engine, or scratches are some of the problems that @ the Car Wash can restore and make a vehicle look new again.

For more information, car owners in Fredericksburg should contact @ the Car Wash or visit their 24/7 automatic carwash bay conveniently located in central Fredericksburg.

About @ The Car Wash

@ The Car Wash is dedicated to provide Fredericksburg, Virginia car owners with the premium services they need to maximize comfort and keep their vehicles in optimum condition. Their convenient location makes them easily accessible for those times when the weather or other influences create an immediate need for interior/exterior cleaning. @ The Car Wash offers 24/7 automated car wash service to accommodate customers at any time of day or night while a variety of car wash packages are offered to meet ongoing needs that are right for every driver’s needs and budget.