Evergreen College – Community Service Worker

To support the community with their needs a community services courses must be offered in schools as well. Supporting families and individuals, Community Service Workers strengthen communities. Trained to assist those in need with managing issues in addition to promoting physical and mental health, Community Service Workers address complex, personal issues on a daily basis. Employed at hospitals, community organization, and schools, these specialists are an essential service provider and part of the mix of services tasked with helping those in need. For those who with a strong desire to have a positive impact on their communities, to work with people to help resolve or manage complex situations, a career as a Community Service Worker can be incredibly fulfilling and inspiring. On a daily basis, Community Service Workers provide counseling, write reports and develop connections with various community resources. Success in this person-centered care environment requires training, dedication, and diligence. Evergreen College’s Community Service Worker diploma provides students all the skills and experience to kick start your career. Our flexible, 55-week program is designed to get you from the classroom to the workplace in less time while emphasizing your learning experience.

Get the most out of the classroom

All of our instructors are experienced professionals, who understand both the job and what employers are looking for. Driven to help students achieve their goals, instructors design a curriculum that is both comprehensive and tailored to each class. With Small classroom sizes, students are able to comfortably engage in discussion, participate and absorb the lessons. This environment also allows for instructors to get to know students, understand their individual needs and questions. Students will never get lost in the crowd or left behind with Evergreen College; student success is the focus. Classes are engaging; students can expect an interactive classroom environment that utilizes an effective mix of lectures, discussion, projects and media to breathe life into every lesson. Guest speakers and trips to community organizations also help to make the link between the textbook and the community, theory, and practice.

An environment to learn from

As Community Service Workers will endeavor to work with and understand individuals and groups representative of all segments of society, cultural and economic, they’ll find that Evergreen College’s international student body provides immense opportunities to learn. A small world community, campus life is a rich cross-cultural interaction and understanding. Students will graduate with a much broader understanding of social dynamics across the globe; better prepared to work in a cosmopolitan Canadian community. The sense of close community extends to staff as well. At Evergreen College both instructors and administration are available and happy to assist or chat with students. Breaking down barriers to deliver the best experience, we are here to help and accommodate to make sure you can focus on doing your best. Our Student Services Department is always on hand to help. Dedicated to ensuring you get the most from your time at Evergreen College and providing a smooth transition to your future job after graduation. Student Services regularly provides workshops throughout the year to help students develop essential career skills like resume writing, networking, social media management, and interview techniques. Additionally, the department also maintains a job board for current opportunities in the community. Help is always on hand, and Evergreen College is dedicated to helping our students achieve their career dreams.

Flexible for you

We understand that your life is busy, so whether you are switching careers or you have other responsibilities, we make our programs as flexible and accommodating as possible. This starts with offering courses year-round with multiple starting dates so that you can begin a program when it best suits you. With new programs starting all the time, we’re confident there is a program that will work for you. Class times are also flexible, with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available, students can maintain a job while they study. Whatever your schedule, we are more than happy to find a solution to accommodate you. Campus locations across the Greater Toronto Area, including our Downtown Toronto location, are all easily accessible by public transportation and are located near several social service providers. It has never been easier to get from the classroom to the workplace.

Let us help you get started

Evergreen College is affordable and flexible. We have a number of payment plans to allow you to select a method that works for your budget. There is also financial assistance for those that qualify. Let us know if you have any questions. If you are ready for a career change that will put you in a position to help your community, Evergreen College is ready to help you make that a reality. We are confident our program will fully you prepare for an exciting career as a Community Service Worker.