Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

With Pilates teacher training Sydney you will learn the principles of Pilates and the history of the discipline but with a modern take and our understanding of what works in studio today.If you’ve ever wondered whether you should try Clinical Pilates, or even wondered exactly what Clinical Pilates is, then this article has been written just for you. Our Emporium and Prahran Kaya members who have visited an on-site Clinical Pilates specialist already know the amazing healing benefits that Clinical Pilates can have – and there’s plenty of them!

What is Clinical Pilates?

KAYA Clinical Pilates is a system of safe exercises, customised to meet your individual needs. With a gentle approach to flexibility and conditioning, our KAYA Clinical Pilates course has been designed to treat a range of conditions and injuries by encouraging healing through remedial movement. Clinical Pilates can be used in conjunction with many courses of therapeutic exercise to treat conditions from chronic pain, to fatigue and hypermobility, using reformer and mat practices.


Strong Core

Even if you’re working out every day, you could be neglecting your core and putting yourself at risk of injury. There are smaller muscles which wrap around your middle, and if these postural muscles aren’t conditioned to keep up with the rest of you then you could find yourself in pain or unable to maintain your routine. Clinical Pilates can help you to understand the muscles in your body individually, and how you might be able to strengthen them up!

Pre or Post Surgeries

Following surgery, your range of movement is decreased and your body is weakened. It is difficult to start reclaiming your ability, and many forms of exercise and conditioning should be avoided. Clinical Pilates can help you to rehabilitate back to health, and encourage your body to make a quick recovery.

Pre and Post Natal

Changes in your hormone levels during pregnancy can result in musculoskeletal pain, as your posture is affected. To help alleviate the pain and strengthen the supporting muscles, your Clinical Pilates specialist can direct you with gentle exercises tailored to suit you at your stage of pregnancy. Pilates promotes a strong understanding of the core, and during pregnancy is when we need to be most aware and considerate of our bodies – especially the core.

Postural Retraining and Spinal Pain

Poor posture is the reason for much of our pain and discomfort, but unfortunately bad postural habits are difficult to shake. Clinical Pilates can help you to bring smaller supporting muscles up to speed with the larger muscles that may be carrying all of the weight (literally). Neck and back pain can also be alleviated by Clinical Pilates, as the spine is focussed on and manipulated to offload pressure and relieve pain.


Clinical Pilates is perfect for athletes recovering from injury – whether it’s during the initial rehab exercises, or towards the end of the healing journey and the return to sport. It is also renowned for injury prevention, by assessing your posture and movement and using sport-specific exercises.

If you have any further questions or queries about our specialists, and whether Clinical Pilates could help you, simply talk to our team at reception or make an appointment to chat to the Clinical Pilates specialists. They can answer any questions you may have, and assist you on your journey to holistic well-being.