7 Things to Know Before You Take a Pregnancy Test

Nearly every woman, at some point in her life, will need to take a pregnancy test. Irrespective of what circumstances come about, it’s imperative to know most of the things you can in connection with them. Check in for a checkup that is how to get pregnant faster.

For every woman out there giving a shot at the pregnancy test in Delhi, this one myth needs to be busted straight up. The quantity of hCG in your pee can raise expectations in your mind about a boy or a girl. But weeing on a supposedly ‘gender reveal’ stick isn’t going to magically divulge the gender of the baby in your womb for sure. Any test that comes up with promises to tell you whether it’s a ‘blue’ or a ‘pink’ is putting you on the wrong track.

1.How does a home pregnancy test work?

Before taking pregnancy test at home we must know how the handy pregnancy test kit works does. Well when a woman is pregnant, the womb releases beta hCG hormone, the presence of that hormone in the urine specified the pregnancy. .

2. What’s the possible earliest time to know that you’re pregnant or not?

The minimum time for a fertilized egg to implant and release beta hCG is six days only, so the woman who has a 28 day menstruation cycle might detect beta hCG the earliest is the week before her period is due.

3. When is the recommended time to take the test?

The recommended time is until your period is due, when your period is late for more than 4-5 days then test, that’s way you can get the accurate results.

4. The difference between various pregnancy tests

Typically the urine pregnancy test can detect the beta hCG hormone, but some kits might show earlier and more accurate results than others. Here we have enlisted top 3 of home pregnancy test kits which give the earlier and accurate results than others.



BOOTS (has been reported to be 50mIU/ml)

But it is always advisable to seek professionals help, services like pregnancy test in delhi, pregnancy test in GK and pregnancy test in Punjabi bagh provides by many professionals.

5. Pregnancy test at home can be risky!

Surely it is an option handy, but the studies show that 50% of the home pregnancy products do not have the sensitivity level that required and claimed in the box. Hence home pregnancy test can be risky, as at times it can fail to show accurate results.

6. What is the best pregnancy test option?

The safest and always the best option are to confirm it by the professionals which means by doctors. They know the best about the body. Also some other good test option includes pregnancy test strips, as they match the sensitivity required to detect the hormone. The products are cheap and easily available. Even in hospitals and surgeons recommend pregnancy test strips. This is proved as the most appropriate and affordable option for pregnancy.

Finally, the digital test comes along, which cost a lot. But if you’re comfortable with the money you can definitely go for it. It shows the accurate results than any other option. Getting pregnant is the most amazing experience for any woman’s life. If you’re hoping to get pregnant and then money should not stop you to do what is best for you. But the expensive digital test is not recommended. Whether you are in hurry or want to wait but a pregnancy blood test done in the doctors chamber is the most advisable.