4 Benefits of Acrylic in Sign Making

Acrylic is a widely used plastic that is appreciated for its all-round strength and durability. In many situations, this material will be used as a lightweight alternative to glass. It still has the ability to give great transparency and will not start to yellow over time. A common use of acrylic is sign making. It has the ability to give a smooth and professional finish that will look good for both outdoor and indoor applications. Absolutesignsolutions.com.au is perfect for anyone looking for a source of high-quality stickers Sydney for indoor use as address, hardware or container labels.

Here are a few of the reasons why acrylic is so popular in the sign making industry:

High durability

A top reason to use acrylic is the high durability. This type of plastic has great strength to make it practical for outdoor and indoor signs. It is easily able to stand up to the variable weather conditions. Plus, this acrylic will maintain its clear, transparent look without yellowing even when it is exposed to regular spells of sunshine.

The strength of this material means it can easily stand up to forceful impact. In fact, it can even accept direct impact that is nearly 15 times greater than a sheet of glass. Also, if it does receive enough force to cause it to break, the acrylic will not shatter into hundreds of small pieces.

Mold to shape

Acrylic is one of the easiest plastics to mold into a variety of shapes. Once the base material is heated to a temperature of about 37.8°C it is pliable enough to shape into objects like bottles or frames. This plastic is a practical choice for both small and large objects, so a useful choice for making the largest signs.


The lightweight nature of acrylic means it is significantly easier to hang or place in a specific location. It has a total mass that is about 50 percent less than glass. Plus, this is a very hard-wearing material so there is less risk of causing damage to the sign or other objects while in transport.


The acrylic signs look professional and sophisticated and typically cost a lot less than a similar sign in glass. The clean and smooth surface of this material is able to provide a wonderful backdrop that can really make a message on a sign stand out.

Overall, the flexibility of the acrylic material is likely to be its most appealing quality, and is easily cut or molded into the preferred shape to fit in a shop window or the large size billboards.

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